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Get Involved with Lighthouse of Hope

Lighthouse is a very active church and there are plenty of ways for everyone to get involved.  Some activities are just for fun and others involve helping out the community.  We love the Lord and we love His people and we desire to help them in any way we can.

Anyone can get involved with our Sunday service with such activities as serving communion to the congregation, folding and distributing the Bulletins, greeting people as they arrive and many other small duties.  If a person is a singer or a musician, or both, there are opportunities to perform during the services and also at our annual fund raising concerts.

We look forward to meeting with anyone who feels drawn to any of these activities.  Your life will be changed for the better by getting involved.

We have several Ministries that work throughout the year.  These include Activities, Food and Fellowship, Music, Activities, Transgender and Evangelism.  Each of these Ministries has a mandate to work in the church or in the community and they are responsible for raising their own funds.  Examples: the Activities Ministry is the “fun” Ministry which organizes annual parties, pot lucks, movie nights, etc.  Food and Fellowship sets up a delicious post-service meal each Sunday with seasonal foods – hot in the winter and cooler foods in the summer.  For our Sunday services, the Music Ministry selects the music and co-ordinates with our musicians and singers.  They also organize the “talent” for our annual concerts.  The Transgender Ministry offers a support group for anyone starting on their path to becoming the person they know they really are and is active within the transgender community in the Lower Mainland.  The Evangelism Ministry is responsible for spreading the word about salvation through Jesus.  They work on advertising the church and contacting citizens in the neighbourhood.  Each Ministry has a Co-ordinator and an Assistant Co-ordinator and anyone who wishes may become active in working with any of them.

We are affiliated with CAN I, a Ministry that works with an African village in Sangera, Kenya. We have sent missionaries to the village several times.  This Ministry has done some wonderful work in Kenya helping the village to get a more reliable source of fresh water, food for the children, building a barn and supplying it with animals, building permanent classrooms for the school, helping the school with educational supplies and money for the teachers’ salaries, etc.

Along with St. Michael’s Anglican Church in Vancouver and the Metro Vancouver Dream Centre, we assist with preparing and serving community dinners for anyone who wants to attend.  Once a year at Thanksgiving we serve around 400 people a beautiful, sit down turkey dinner with gift bags when they leave.  We make sure each of our guests feels special and many have said this is the best meal they have all year.

Again, through the Metro Vancouver Dream Centre, members of our church established a barrier-free food bank primarily for transgender people as they were having difficulty registering at other food banks.  Saige Food Bank collects fresh food and produce that would otherwise be thrown out and distributes it to all those who come.

We participate in many of the annual Pride events around the Lower Mainland.  We have been in the Vancouver Pride parade many times and we also have a fund raiser at the beach where we sell ice cold water.  The money goes towards our various Ministries. We are now also participating in the New Westminster Pride Festival as we are located in this city.

Every year in June or July Lighthouse of Hope has a retreat.  For the last few years we have gone to Loon Lake at the UBC Forestry Centre behind Maple Ridge.  It is a beautiful, peaceful spot where we spend a few days listening to guest speakers, singing songs of praise and worship and getting to know each other better.  Activities there include swimming, kayaking, playing board and card games, enjoying bonfires and spending time with the Lord.  Everyone who attends comes away feeling refreshed and with a closer relationship with the Lord.  It is an amazing time and the food is fantastic!