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Assistant Pastor Brandon

I would like to tell you the story of two men..

One is about a very broken young man who was angry at the world and very heart broken. He chose to live a wild and reckless life that created a lot of hurt and pain in the lives of others. He was the kind of person, who would only seem to look at the negative things in life, nothing was ever positive. If things didn’t work out the way that he wanted, his frustration and anger would grow.

At times when the young man was angry, he would intentionally point out the imperfections and the flaws of others, hoping that it would take the attention away from his own insecurities. One of the ways that the young man dealt with his hurt was by going through life intoxicated at most times. To him, a day spent sober was a very scary thing. I recall many times where he would drink to the point of not remembering and then get in his car and drive home, sometimes from the other side of the lower mainland. He didn’t really think or seem to care about the safety of others.

His life was full of blessings but because of his selfish attitude, he failed to recognize the blessings that surrounded his life, which came from the Lord. I remember one night that he had been drinking with his friends he found a crescent wrench on the ground and threw it through a church window. Little did people know he was always searching for something to fill him and make him feel loved and whole.

Often this angry young man would pray before he went to bed.

He would get upset when his prayers did not seem to be heard by God. One night he was at a breaking point and he said to both God and to the devil “Whoever wants me can have me.” Then he cried and cried and cried. As time went on he continued to make more poor decisions, often blaming others for the outcome and consequences that he now had to face. His story continued along that path for a time.

Now, I would also like to tell you a story about another man, a very strange man. What makes him strange to most is that he’s one of those praise Jesus types. He is a kind man who loves others. His love is not his own, It’s a love that goes beyond his understanding. It doesn’t seem to matter if he has just met a person, or has known them his whole life.

He just loves them.

Some people find it odd how he reacts and goes through life.

He knows that they are generally concerned for him and are looking out for what they think is best. They like to tell him that he needs a house and things and to take care of himself that he may be prepared for the future. He knows they care for him and that their advice is from the kindness of their hearts. But he cares more about the needs of others than his own. The young man doesn’t see value in worldly things but finds all worth is in Jesus Christ. He tries his best to thank God for all that he has. His happiness is not dependant on worldly things but on Jesus Christ the coming king

Often he finds himself caught up in the storms of life but he decided long ago not to worry and to continue on in the strength of the LORD.

He knows that soon enough the storms will cease and the sun will be shining. The most important thing in the world to him is for others to experience a personal relationship with Jesus. He wants people to know that Jesus truly loves them. His heart is often full of pain as he sees the hardships and suffering that people face in the world. Often he feels powerless because he is unable to help them all, so he tries to spend time in prayer because he knows that God is able. He asks God to open his heart more so that he will be able to recognize people’s needs and help care for them even more.

He does not know what tomorrow holds and finds that part of life exciting, knowing that each day will be unique. Some people call him a good guy but he is very aware of his faults and struggles. He is grateful for God’s grace, forgiveness and love in his life. Fellowship and friendships with people make his heart smile. His story continues and how it ends only God knows, but he has made up in his heart that he will follow Jesus.

The stories tell of two completely different heart conditions but both speak of the same person – me.

My name is Brandon and there was a time in my life where I was that broken angry young man. I did many hurtful things to others, which I regret and would love to change but am unable to do so.

What happened to transform me from the angry young man to who I am today starts a faithful young man by the name of Justin Bose who showed me the love of Jesus Christ, when I was in a lowly place.

Through him I started coming to bible studies and church services and Jesus Christ completely transformed my life.

I now have everything I need in Jesus.

I really want to encourage everyone reading this. You may be in a similar place to where I was. Wherever you’re at and whatever you’re looking for I promise that Jesus is the answer. He’s got it all.

To the Christians, those who are sealed with the Holy Spirit. Let us love and not judge people who may act out in such a way. If God can take me and do what he has done in my life, than I have full confidence that he can do the same with anyone.

The verse that inspired this testimony is found in 2 Corinthians 5:17 which says “If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, the old has gone the new has come.”

This is the power of Jesus. This is what he does in our hearts and lives. No matter where you are at, keep pushing forward keeping your eyes on Jesus. He is coming soon and promises that one day we will be with him forever. Praise God! He will never leave you or forsake you.

As it says in Revelation 12:11 “They over came him (the devil) by the blood of the lamb (Jesus Christ) and the word of their testimony.”

We are all a testimony of Christ’s power. Please share the love of Jesus Christ with someone who does not know Him.

Be blessed in Jesus name!